MiTouch Interactive Flat Screen

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The MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen display is the latest addition to the Interactive range offered by Media Scene Technology.

This is the future of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom as it has so many advantages over the standard Interactive Whiteboard and Projector.

Click the images to launch sample videos showing the Multi Touch features of this LED Interactive Flat Screen with the help of Google Earth and the Lagoon screensaver.

Video of Lagoon Screensaver

Video demo of Google Earth on the LCD Touchscreen

Link to MiTouch LED Interactive Touchscreen Facebook Page

It has many advantages over the standard Interactive Whiteboard and projector. Consider the following:-


No Projector hence no lamps to replace, no filters to clean, no shadow, no bright light to avoid.

Easily Portable on the optional trolley. No awkward projector hence no constant calibration.

Long expected life of 30,000 hours

High resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel screen Projector maximum is normally 1024 x 768

Adjustable brightness which can be extremely bright to counteract sunlight or a very bright room and reduced for darker rooms. This screen can work under direct sunshine.

Low power consumption compared to projector.

Silent Operation

Supports Multi Touch under Windows 7,8 or Windows 10

No Drivers required.

The cost has now been reduced so dramatically that it is little more than a standard Interactive Whiteboard system starting from ONLY €2530 + VAT at 23% for the 55″. The optional mobile trolley is €550 + VAT.

MiTouch Interactive Flat Screen Monitor

MiTouch Model Number MiTouch55H MiTouch65H MiTouch70H MiTouch84H
55” 65” 70” 84”
Resolution Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) HD 1080p (1920×1080) HD 1080p (1920×1080) HD 1080p (1920×1080) 3840 x2160
Contrast Ratio 4000:1 4000:1 4000:1 1400:1
Viewing Angle All Screens 178 degrees 178degrees 178degrees 178degrees 178degrees
Brightness (Typical) All screens 350cd/m2  (approx‟) 350cd/m2 350cd/m2 350cd/m2 350cd/m2
Multi-touch All screens – 6 users at the same   time
Input Ports All screens –   HDMI,VAG,USB2.0,YUV,Audio,AV
Output Ports All screens – AV,Audio,Headphone
Glass All Screens Anti-Glare,   Anti-reflective, toughened
Low Noise All Screens Fan-less  No noise   design
Speakers All Screens Integrated Speakers
Power/speaker All screens 10W integrated speakers
Power   Consumption(W) All screens   <0.5W (Standby Mode) <0.5W <0.5W <0.5W <0.5W
Power Consumption(W) in   Use power consumption 150W 180W 185W 570W
Weight (Kg) Weight   for each model 40KG 50KG 60KG 125.5KG
Height Adjustable Mobile Stand Static   or Height Adjustable stand available as an option yes yes yes possibly

We reserve the right to revise above parameters without prior notice. And the appearance of products is subject to practicality.




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